I'm currently conducting EFAs to analyse the internal structure of a construct. I've found a nine factor model with acceptable fit, but only regarding to RMSEA and SRMR. I'm using the program R to conduct my analysis. In the EFA I used principle axis factoring with Promax rotation.

In a lot of papers, I found that many researchers report the CFI when conducting an EFA. I don't understand that because the CFI is a comparative fit index needing a null model to be compared with which is not possible during EFA? Is there a possibility to assess the CFI in EFA? I haven't found any function in R to do so and don't want to conduct a CFA with the same sample. The fa() function lists the TLI, do you think this could be a good alternative instead of reporting the CFI because the function doesn't report this index?

Thanks in advance, Melli


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