I need some help with EiV regression and comparison of two methods.

I have used two different methods to estimate the size of the same population and would like to find out how good method 1 is relative to method 2, and if there is a linear relationship between them. I have several estimates for every method, and for every estimate I have a standard error.

Let’s say for method 1, I have the estimates $x_1, x_2,\dots ,x_n$, with standard error $SEx_1, SEx_2,\dots,SEx_n$ for each estimate $x$. For method 2, I have the estimates $y_1, y_2,\dots ,y_n$, with standard errors $SEy_1, SEy_2, …, SEy_n$ for each estimate $y$.

I have read about orthogonal and Deming regression and also tried that in R, but I haven’t found out how to include the $SEs$ of my estimates. So, my question now is, how can I do an EiV regression in R with the two methods which allows me to include the $SEs$ of the estimates of both methods?

Any hint would be appreciated. Thank you very much.


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