For my research purpose, I need to convert the evidence scores of machine vision output to confidence scores. I found below codes for R in the website:


However, I am not so sure about the files from the website are still reachable. Unlike codes are mostly for a list of raw data, as well as seems to be only obtainable via the website, I need some helps to find out how to import (or convert) single video analysis output(txt format) into the same format of the data as the code describes. Thanks!

ADFES_raw_files <-
dir('raw-data/', pattern = '^Dump', full.names = TRUE)

ADFES_data <- lapply(ADFES_raw_files, function(x){
y <- data.table::fread(x, data.table = FALSE)
gPattern <- paste0(targets_for_ADFES, collapse = '|')
y[ , grepl(pattern = gPattern, x = names(y))][is.na(y[ , grepl(pattern = gPattern, x = names(y))])] <- -99
}) %>%
set_names(nm = gsub("raw-data//|\\.txt$", "", ADFES_raw_files) %>%
                gsub('Dump\\d+_', '', .) %>%
                    gsub('\\s+|-', "_", .)

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