I just want to make sure I understand the example in the vegan package. Per the summary table on page 2 of this document, can I say that the first two axes of the DCA explained 51.2% and 30.3% of the total variation in the community composition?

> ord
decorana(veg = dune)
Detrended correspondence analysis with 26 segments. Rescaling of axes with 4 iterations.
            DCA1   DCA2   DCA3   DCA4 
Eigenvalues 0.5117 0.3036 0.12125 0.14267 
Decorana values 0.5360 0.2869 0.08136 0.04814 
Axis lengths 3.7004 3.1166 1.30055 1.47888

This RDocumentation link mentioned that decorana() returns "proper eigenvalues" so I thought I can use the eigenvalues straight from the summary table.


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