I have a dataset where each observation is a residential unit. The units are observed on two characteristics

$$\mathbf x_i =(x_{1i},x_{2i}),$$

where the first is the size of the residential unit measured in square meters and the second is the number of rooms in the residential unit.

Some observations have a missing value for the size and some for the number of rooms. I would like to impute the missing values, so my question is:

What method can I use to impute the missing values?

I do not have much experience in data imputation, but I was thinking of simply using the observations where neither variable is missing to construct

(1) A count model for the number of rooms as a function of the size and

(2) A regression,median regression or perhaps non-linear regression model for the size as a function the number of rooms

and then simply use the prediction from these models to impute the missing values. So my follow up question is

Would that be a way to do it, or would I be making some kind of rookie mistake according to standard imputation methods?

Any guidance is appreciated.


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