I am working on a Gibbs sampler of three parameters and we know the full conditional distribution of three parameters.


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Note: This is just a comment but to quote a long code, I put it here.

for (ite in 2:NSim){
#Full conditional for pi

 pi[ite]=rbeta(1, sum(delta[ite-1,])+0.5, sum(1-delta[ite-1,])+0.5)

 #Full conditional for delta
 for(j in 1:4){
  delta[ite,j]=rbinom(1, 1,prob=(p1/(p0+p1)))

The error says that maybe $p1$ and $p0$ are NAs. My experience when checking this type of error is that. Instead of for loop, just give $ite=2$ and $j=1$. Compute p1 and p0 as your formulas. Check carefully if they are NAs or not. If the codes are symmetric with regard to $iter$ and $j$, and if you can correct the error for this case, it will pass this.


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