I'm doing some research and want to get the best lambda with cross validation in python. For my dataset the R! package glmnet works pretty well, but I can not find out how it's implemented. There are so many parameters and even in the source code I can't find any lines where they perform CV. Does anyone know which approach they use?


I have found out that in default case they use 10 folds und also do standardization. Which kind of standardization? I would be very thankful if anyone can give me some more hints how they compute their lambda values.


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Recommend viewing their tutorial here:

You will see that the function call you are looking for for getting the optimal $\lambda$ that minimizes the mean cross-validated error is cvmfit$lambda.min where lambda is a sequence of $\lambda$s. This means they are merely doing a grid-search, by solving the glmnet model for a sequence of $\lambda$s, and pin-pointing the minimum on that curve.

glmnet standardizes $y$ to have unit variance before computing its lambda sequence, also discussed in the tutorial.


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