I have two regression models and I have computed the change in R squared for individual variables in R. with "getDeltaRsquare" ( see output below ). However, I want to see if these changes in rsquared are significant for the individual variables and therefore I need the P-values. How do I do this in R? It would help me a lot if you help me!

The deltaR-square values: the change in the R-square
      observed when a single term is removed.
Same as the square of the 'semi-partial correlation coefficient'
Age                   0.099305905
game_familiarity      0.146470498
lex_lem_mean          0.014119309
syntax_penn_lem_mean  0.001633446
conceptual_mean       0.056194092
  • $\begingroup$ Please give the code with your “lm” calls so we can see exactly what you’re doing. In particular, it will be helpful to see how you know there is a change in $R^2$. $\endgroup$ – Dave Jan 10 at 19:47

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