To my R angels,

After a recent voyage of discovery, I have been using IRT to develop a set of GRM derived item parameters on a large dataset of 40000 questionnaire responses.

I would like to use these item parameters to estimate theta (ability) of the whole dataset. Thereafter, I would like to use the same parameters to estimate theta on a subset of items.

I've been trying to use the thetaEst function in CatR.

thetaEst(it, x) 

Where "it" is a matrix of my item parameters. "x" is a vector of item responses.

As a vector, I can calculate a single participants theta estimate.

I would like to expand x from a single vector, to be able to input a matrix of 40000 responses.

I can't see how this is possible - any help would be very gratefully received.



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Why don't use the mirt package to fit the Graded Response Model? Then, you can use the fscores() function from the mirt package to extract the person parameters for all individuals.

Another option is the 1factor.scores()1 function from the ltm package after fitting the model using the grm() function.


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