I'm interpreting a three-way MANOVA as part of my research, and have come across an interpretation challenge, with three independent variables (Factor A, Factor B, and Factor C) and two dependent variables (Outcome 1, Outcome 2). My multivariate tests indicate a significant interaction (Factor A x Factor B) and a significant main effect (Factor B). Tests of between-subjects reveal that the interaction effect is significant for only one of the dependent variables (Outcome 1) but not the other (Outcome 2). The main effect of Factor B, however, is significant for Outcome 2 only.

I take this to mean that Outcome 1 is impacted by the interaction of Factor A and B, while Outcome 2 is only impacted by Factor B. However, I know that in an ANOVA, if there is a significant interaction, we should ignore any main effects. Is this also true for a MANOVA? Should I be ignoring the main effect of Factor B on Outcome 2?


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