Suppose I have 3 big baskets of apples (basket A, B, C), each of the 3 big baskets are separated into smaller baskets according to the apples' weights. *Apple's weight varies. The weights are going up by 5 lbs (it's not that realistic but just for illustration). For example:

basket A is separated into:

basket A1: 1-5lbs, basket A2: 6-10lbs, basket A3: 11- 15lbs, basket A4: 16-20lbs

basket B is separated into:

basket B1: 1-5lbs, basket B2: 6-10lbs, basket B3: 11- 15lbs, basket B4: 16-20lbs, basket B5: 21-25lbs

basket C is separated into:

basket C1: 1-5lbs, basket C2: 6-10lbs, basket C3: 11- 15lbs

Now the number of apples in each baskets are also varies. There are a total of 1000 apples in basket A (so basket A1 + basket A2 + basket A3 + basket A4 = 1000 apples), a total of 800 apples in basket B, a total of 1500 apples in basket C.

  • The number of big baskets are fixed, but the number of sub-baskets varies with the apples weights while the number of total apples varies. *

Within all apples, there are some rotted ones, again, they varies for each baskets. Below is a table for Basket A for clarity: Basket A

Sub-basket     Weights         Number of apples          Number of Rotted apples
basket A1      1-5lbs                350                           50
basket A2      6-10lbs               400                           34
basket A3      11- 15lbs             100                           9
basket A4      16-20lbs              150                           49

Similar for the other two baskets.

Q. I want to know if there's any relationship between the weights and the number of rotted apples, and which basket shows the highest correlation. How can i approach this problem?

The things that confused me is that both the number of apples varies within each basket and the number of rotted apples vary, so I also need to consider the effect between the number of apples and the number of rotted apples.......


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