Trying to solve this question:

A jar contains 10 balls numbered 1,2,3,...,10. We draw 15 balls from the jar, one after the other, with replacement. Let N denote the number of distinct numbers drawn.

For example, if all numbers are drawn except 1 and 2, then N = 8.

Find the expected value of N.

I've tried to solve it by calculating the summation of this:


Where x goes from 1 till 10. I got 45.855 but it's wrong apparently.


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Let $E_i$ be the event that the number $i$ has been seen at least once in the drawn sequence of the numbers of balls where $i=1,\dots,10$, and $1_{E_i}$ be the indicator random variable of the event $E_i$.
Now, Let $N$ denote the number of distinct numbers drawn.
We have $N= \sum_ {i=1}^{10} 1_{E_i}$ and thus the expected value of $N$, \begin{align*} \mathbb{E} \left( N \right) & = \sum_ {i=1}^{10} \mathbb{E} \left( 1_{E_i} \right)\\ & = \sum_ {i=1}^{10} \mathbb{P} \left( {E_i} \right)\\ & = \sum_ {i=1}^{10} \left(1- \mathbb{P} \left( {E_i}^c \right)\right)\\ & = \sum_ {i=1}^{10} \left(1- \left( \frac{9}{10} \right)^{15} \right) \\ & = 10 \times \left(1- \left( \frac{9}{10} \right)^{15} \right) \\ & \approx 7.941 \end{align*}


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