A friend of mine is writing her master's thesis in physical therapy and has a question about the repeated measures MANOVA model. I am asking this question here for her and hope someone can help her because she is not getting any support from her supervisor and does not have a strong background in statistics.

Her study design is the following:

  • 2 groups (intervention and control group)
  • 3 measurement time points (baseline, after 4 and 8 weeks)
  • dependent variable: pain (pain score) and pain impairment in everyday life (score)
  • independent variable: training weeks (time) Statistical model: MANOVA with repeated measures in SPSS.

Her Questions are:

  • What conditions need to be checked for a MANOVA with repeated measures?

  • SPSS result output: How do I have to interpret the table "Multivariate Tests" and "Multivariate" and what are the further steps?

  • How do I have to test multiple, because post-hoc tests are only possible with more than three groups (bonferroni correction necessary)?

If you know scientific sources that deal with such a study design, that would also be a great help already. Many thanks in advance!


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