I have a dataset that contains survey responses from participants attending a training workshop. Surveys were administered prior to training, just after training, and 3 months post training. Moreover, trainings were carried out over a period of 3 years; however, there were no major changes in training content or the way the trainings were administered (although the trainers might have changed over time). I want to investigate the change in scores from pre to post (and evaluate retention of these changes at 6 months post training). Finally, I'm also interested in determining the effect of certain covariates (like age and sex) on the change in scores.

Any advice on how to decide whether to run a mixed repeated measures ANOVA here with the between subjects variables being year of training, age, sex. Or if it would be more suitable to run a linear two-level mixed effects model with, observations from the different occasions level 1 and individuals at level 2 (and sex age and year of training would be included as covariates)?


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