The company where I work did a survey with a complex sample. Originally, the sample was a 2-step stratified, but due to some problems, we lost one of them (so, let's consider that the sample is stratified only on 1 variable).

The biggest part of the questions is like "What you think the company can do in respect of X?" and then there is a list of options (some questions allow only 1 answer, some more than 1, others are Likert-type response options).

My question is: Wow can I analyze this data? It would be nice if there were a test like Chi-square for complex sample (probably there exists one, but I don't know)

Any software is welcome, but I prefer R and SPSS.


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There are lots of methods for dealing with complex survey data. Almost all of them require you to be able to specify the complex structure of the sampling framework.

In R there is the survey package (see CRAN repository for help files) by Thomas Lumley, who has also written a book on the topic "Complex surveys: A guide to data analysis in R", which is quite readable from a theoretical perspective and very useful from the applied perspective (so useful that my copy is currently sitting in a colleagues office.)

I haven't tried complex survey analysis in SPSS: you need an add-on to do anything that takes proper account of survey design (which will cost you money.)

But the R package should do everything you want it to do, for free, and with the greater flexibility that comes with R.


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