I am assigned to find out the optimal or some reasonable time when to update a table in the data mart I am working on. The data that I need to update in the data mart are collected from air conditioners and those data comes in every 5 minutes from air conditioners. There is a variable called 'target temperature', which is what we set on for the air conditioner to reach it cooling down the air in the place.

Target temperatures are altered whenever people feel like changing them. I also change the target temperature to quickly cool down the air inside the room when I feel that the air is hotter than yesterday.

I need to update a table where the average value of the target temperature belongs to in the data mart. The problem that I have is that I am not sure how frequently I should update the table with the average value of the target temperature variable but I know the data from air conditioners come in every 5 minutes. Is there any statistical method I use for this problem?

Any explanations will be appreciated.

Thank you.


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