I am currently doing a parallel multiple mediator analysis with three mediators (ECVOM, SOCFAC, SCMEAN) using the PROCESS macro in SPSS. My DV is HAPMEAN and my IV is CUSTOM.

I want to create a table that lists all the paths (a, b, c and c') for each mediator, as well as the respective indirect effect. However, I am having trouble distinguishing path c, path c' and the indirect effect in the SPSS output.

Is path c the total effect of CUSTOM on HAPMEAN, so .1266? And my indirect effect for SCMEAN is .1522?

Is it correct that the output is not showing me path c' and I have to calculate it by hand (.1522 - .1266)?enter image description here


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All you wrote is correct. The total effect is of HAPMEAN on CUSTOM is .1266. The indirect effect of SCMEAN is .1522; and .0997 for SOCFAC.

The direct effect is there! The c’ prime is -.1324. It is the effect of CUSTOM on HAPMEAN with all other variables in the models.


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