I created in Matlab two independent random walk through the command:

y = cumsum(randn(10000,2))

Although the series are clearly independent, when I try to run the function "CommonTrendsTest" in Gretl through the following script:

include CommonTrendsTest.gfn
list totest = v1 v2
trend = 0
matrix NH = CommonTrendsTest(totest)

I get the following output:

                     teststat        cv10%         cv5%         cv1%
K=1=N-1                38,582      0,16200      0,21800      0,38300
K=0                    1960,5      0,60700      0,74800       1,0740 

I have done a lot of tests but I always get results similar to this.

I also tried to implement the Nyblom Harvey Test in Matlab through the following script:

T = size(y,1);
y = y';
mu = mean(y,2); 
e = y-repmat(mu,1);
z = cumsum(e,2); 
C = (1/(T^2))*z*z';
S = (1/T)*e*e';
csi = trace((S^-1)*C);

but I get similar results.

Thank you in advance for your help.


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