Here is an example of the data I'm working with. The data I have is larger and diverse but this is presented to illustrate my problem.



15,000: 15

15,0000-30,000 < : 45

30,000-45,000: 20

45,000+: 20

$Is$ $having$ $a$ $nice$ $car$ $important?$ $Scale$ $1-5$

1: 15

2: 55

3: 10

4: 10

5: 10

I want to test if there is a significant relationship between the responses to these two variables. Someone recommended a Chi-Squared Test but I fail to see how I can do that if my survey data only shows the frequency of each question response separately. I'm having trouble finding online sources discussing this issue. Its the same sample but I don't know how many people who make less than 15,000$ answered (1) or (2) on the second question. I know how to convert my income and question variable for testing.

  • $\begingroup$ Without any bivariate information you you will be out of luck ... Try to get access to more complete data? $\endgroup$ – kjetil b halvorsen May 2 at 16:33

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