Suppose that $X_1$ and $X_2$ are two random variables sampled from a Poisson distribution with parameter $\mu$. Let $T_1=\bar{X}$ be the sample mean and let $T_2=(1/3)X_1 +(2/3)X_2$.

Are T1 and T2 both unbiased estimators?

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$E(T_1) = E[\frac{1}{2}(X_1+X_2)] = \frac{1}{2}E[X_1+X_2] = \frac{1}{2}(E[X_1]+E[X_2]) = \frac{1}{2}(\mu+\mu)=\mu$

$E(T_2) = E[\frac{1}{3}X_1+\frac{2}{3}X_2] = \frac{1}{3}E[X_1]+\frac{2}{3}E[X_2] = \frac{1}{3}\mu+\frac{2}{3}\mu=\mu$

Consequently, both $T_1$ and $T_2$ are unbiased estimators of $\mu$.


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