I'm seeing some "inconsistencies" on how R calculates the Akaike Information Criterion (AIC) for linear regression models. I'd like to get its expression so I can calculate it myself. The issues I'm referring to can be seen here:

complex_model <- lm(mpg~hp+wt, mtcars)
simple_model <- lm(mpg~hp, mtcars)

The difference in AIC between both models stay the same, however the values don't. I understand that for all practical effect in model selection this doesn't change much, but why is the results different? What expressions are these values obtained from?


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See this answer:

What is the difference between AIC() and extractAIC() in R?

I discovered this by inspecting the code of the step() function, looking at the help for extractAIC() and, finding that confusing, searching CrossValidated.


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