I am trying to extract the formula for a generalised linear mixed model (GLMM).

I have made the model from this dataset:


This dataset contains data on concentration (Conc: response variable), maceration (Grinding: predictor variable 1) and kit (Kit: predictor variable 2).

The GLMM is performed from this code:


  glmer.conc.Grinding_Kit <- glmer(Conc ~ Grinding * Kit + (1|Especie),
                             family = Gamma(link = "log"),data = DATA)

I have seen that there is a package called equatomatic that allows to extract the formula from the model. I have executed the code of this package:


The following error is displayed:

   Error in UseMethod("extract_lhs", model) : 
    no applicable method for 'extract_lhs' applied to an object of class "c('glmerMod', 'merMod')"

Where is my mistake? Please, I would like to know how to get the formula of the model. If not with this function, then with another one, but I need it.

Thank you very much


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