I'm using social sequence analysis, and comparing between different distance methods for my data. I'm wondering if there is a way to view/call the automatic substitution cost matrix that the dynamic hamming distance procedure uses? I have been able to create what I think would be the substitution cost matrices with the seqcost and the seqsubm functions (code below). Both these functions give me the same results - which is to be expected. However, I am wanting to know that what I've generated using this code is what the alogorthim would be using to compute? And, is there a way to view the substitution cost matrix that the procedure uses?

Thanks in advance for your advice!

#Compute the Dynamic Hamming distances. 

dist.dhd <- seqdist(number.seq, method = "DHD", with.miss = FALSE, norm = "none")

##create DHD cost matrix - both functions give same output

dhdcost <- seqcost(number.seq, method = "TRATE", time.varying = TRUE, transition = "both")

couts <- seqsubm(number.seq, method = "TRATE", time.varying = TRUE, transition = "both")
round(couts, 2)
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