I've been searching for the right model for several months, but i ended up with nothing untill now. That's why i'm here asking for help.

My research purpose is to analyse the impact of rural programs on poverty reduction. My data come from the Projects Completion Reports (PCR), with Agriculture as a major sector. Each case included information about the project’s input, output and outcomes, and also overall project performance, which looks like below:

  1. Input: Project cost, Project time, Project executive agencies, project technology (seed; feretilizer; training or technology), GDP, Corruption index, country poverty ranking; political stability index, etc.
  2. Output: Total Poeple affected by the project; total women affected by the project; increased in household income; increased in crops production; increased in livestock production; total project commodities, etc.

By the end of my research, i've to come up with results which look like:

  1. The project cost variable is significant with crop increase
  2. The variable Project executive agencies is significant with the project performance, etc.

Here i have to deal with multiple input and output, but i also has the Overall project performance (Unsatisfactory/Fair/Satisfactory/Very Satisfactory).

Can someone helps me with the modeling please?

Thanks a lot. Best Regard


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