so I am using Causal impact, and my intervention period is continuous over a week, then ends and the data should pretty much go back to normal. (for example if i was looking at number of customers in a shop and had a sale the first week of July, how would I do that in Causal Impact? Like I want it to work like this)

pre.period = (2020-01-01), (2020-06-30)

impact.period = (2020-07-01), (2020-07-07)

post.period = (2020-07-08), (2020-12-31)

I am pretty sure this is possible because I did something similar last year but didn't save my script so I have to redo it. In the results, for last time I did it the results were just NA in the point effects and cumulative difference after the intervention period ends, which shows that it was possible.

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