I want to show statistical significance between three given stimuli, based on their answer to four questions with values 1-5. The questions will be tested separately, and not summed as in a Likert scale.
I need help to determine what tests one should use. A study similar to mine has used repeated measures one-way ANOVA, but many sources claims that you cannot use this method on this kind of data.

You may call the questions Likert-type items, or semantic difference scale, but I find the terminology a bit confusing and therefore related questions (q1, q2, q3) not 100% relevant to my case.

Only the "extremes" are labelled in each question.

  1. Low {question variable}
  2. High {question variable}

Each participant answers all questions twelve times (four of each stimuli), meaning that all participants is present in all stimuli groups. I have a total of 24 participants, meaning that we have 288 answers and 96 for each stimuli group. The data looks like this in wide format:

ID Stimuli Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
0 1 A 1 5 3 2
... ... ... ... ... ... ...
288 24 C 4 4 1 3

Is Friedman's test the way to go? And then pairwise test each stimuli with Wilcoxon? Or will ANOVA work in this case, as the similar study used?

Thanks a lot in advance. If anything is unclear, I will eloborate further.


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