Hi I'm trying to calculate diversity for a continuous variable. In the research, we have a network of people (they all know each other other but may not be friends) who all have different social media habits. People nominate who their friends are.

For this case, we will calculate social media habits as number of posts/day. So within this network each individual may have varying numbers of friends with diverse social media habits.

I'm trying to calculate a diversity of social media habits across an individuals friend network, and the diversity of social media habits across the entire network. Social media habit of an individual will be the dependent variable. I'm trying to predict will certain Independent variables predict the diversity of a persons network along this continuous variable (social media use).

Also ideally it would be nice to have some way of comparing an individuals diversity score to the population's diversity of this variable.

I know this can be done with a categorical variable using Shannon H or General variance. I could potentially create variables (none, low, med, high). However, I figured if someone has experience with a problem like this, I'd ask. Thanks for any help you can offer.


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