I apologize if this is an elementary question.

Let's say I have a dataset that has at least two dimensions. To fix idea, let's call it gender and country. Let's say there are two genders and four countries so that the structure of the data can be summarized in the following table.

Boys Girls
Country 1 ... ...
Country 2 ... ...
Country 3 ... ...
Country 4 ... ...

Now, for each cell in the table, let's say I have some height data. For example I may know the heights of 34 boys in country 1, 23 girls in country 1, 22 boys in country 2, etc..

I want to jointly test whether boys are on average taller than girls in each country. Note that

  1. I don't want to just do a two sample t-test on gender because that it does not take into account that I am comparing boys and girls within each country;
  2. I don't want to just do a two sample t-test on gender for each country because for some reason (maybe statistical power for each country is not enough), I only want one joint test.

What should I do? Thank you very much in advance.


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