I have to use an Adaboost classifier to predict if the data is a signal (1) or a background (0) event. But since the output is expected to be 1 or 0 the model.predict(X) function gives only 1 or 0 as output. Nevertheless, to further examine the prediction result, we have to use a function which creates a cut-off value for the prediction. Since there are only two possible prediction states, this cut-off value does not make any sense (it simply has to be >0 two separate between signal and background.

Now, is there a way that I can receive an output between 0 and 1?

I tried to use model.decision_function(X), but there the output is between -5 and 1 (and if needed: the ROC-curve looks really good, so it seems as the model works fine).
In the following, I show my implementation, so you know what I do:

from sklearn.ensemble import AdaBoostClassifier
from sklearn.tree import DecisionTreeClassifier

model = AdaBoostClassifier(
                                min_samples_split = 2),
model.predict(Xtest) #creates 0 and 1 output

model.decision_function(Xtest) #creates unusable range between -5 and 1

An example histogram of the output of the decision function: enter image description here


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In sklearn you have predic_proba(X) function, which should give you the probability i.e output between 0-1

In ada_boost, this will be the weighted average of the probabilities of the classifiers in the ensemble.


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