I have a limited background working with R, so your help is very much appreciated! I ran an experiment where I have three treatment conditions (condition assumed to be stable over time).

I have environmental data such as Temp. and light intensity (all numerical) at three time points for the experimental replicates in each treatment. I have initial middle and final condition measurements. like, I have many readings/samples at each of the three time points for each treatment.

I want to plot this over the entire time frame from initial to end, not just the three time points I have, I guess there is some bootstrapping that needs to be done here, no?. I want to show that the conditions were stable over time (hopefully) and they are similar between treatments. Any recommendation on how to approach this, please?

Thank you!

  • $\begingroup$ Questions solely about how software works are off-topic here, but you may have a real statistical question buried here. You may want to edit your question to clarify the underlying statistical issue. You may find that when you understand the statistical concepts involved, the software-specific elements are self-evident or at least easy to get from the documentation. $\endgroup$ Sep 18 at 2:05

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