I have used VEC models with two variables and have estimated impulse-response functions (IRFs)from them. I am testing two theories, and each variable is the dependent variable for a corresponding theory. Also, I test both theories with different time periods. Naturally, in setups, the error correction term (ECT)/speed of adjustment coefficient is significant and negative, as it should be in a correctly specified model, and in the opposing model (when the other variable is normalized to one in the long-run equation) it is significant and positive (which signifies an ill-specified model, with explosive behavior). Now, I want to present both models for each period, and sometimes the ECT is significant and negative with one of the variables, and in another it is so with the other variable. What IRFs should I present for display in the paper? Should I only use IRFs from the models where the ECTs are significant and negative or can I also present the IRFs that have significant and positive ECTs? Thanks!


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