I am looking for a software package that can perform stability analysis as done by:

Eberhart, S.A. and W.A. Russell, 1966. Stability parameters for comparing varieties. Crop Sci., 6: 36-40.

Is a quite old method but still much appreciated. Also I would like to perform AMMI model analysis for GxE analysis.

Is there any R software package can do this ?


Check plant breeding package, on Rforge. The following is example from the package: on Stability, AMMI analysis

# stability analysis 
out <- stability (dataframe = multienv , yvar = "yield", genotypes = "genotypes", 
environments = "environments", replication =  "replication")
# AMMI analysis 
results <- ammi.full(dataframe = multienv , environment = "environments", genotype = "genotypes", 
replication = "replication", yvar = "yield")

You can follow the developer on the Rforge and the blog (http://rplantbreeding.blogspot.com/)


Please, take a look at my R package metan (multi-environment trial analysis). You may perform Eberhart and Russell regression analysis with the function ge_reg(). The following code reproduces the example of the package. Note that it works naturally with the forward-pipe operator %>% and allows analyzing several traits at the same time.

# Install from Github (require devtools package)

reg <- data_ge2 %>% 
  ge_reg(ENV, GEN, REP,
         resp = c(PH, EH))

AMMI analysis is performed with the function performs_ammi(). The following code reproduces the example of the package.

ammi <- data_ge2 %>% 
  performs_ammi(ENV, GEN, REP,
                resp = c(PH, EH))

# Significance of IPCA
get_model_data(ammi, "ipca_pval")

# Explained sum of squares
get_model_data(ammi, "ipca_expl")

# Predict the response variables (say using 2 IPCA)
pred <- predict(ammi, naxis = c(2, 2))

# Biplots

plot_scores(ammi_model$GY, type = 2)

You may find the complete description of the package at https://tiagoolivoto.github.io/metan/index.html

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    $\begingroup$ You should disclose that you are the author of this package (I assume). $\endgroup$ – OrangeDog Oct 18 '19 at 13:39

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