I'm having trouble trying to find the covariance of the random effect of a lmer output. This result is printed in the console when I call the function; for example if I write:

fm.lmer = lmer(distance ~ I(age-11) + (I(age-11) | Subject), data = Orthodont)


Random effects:
 Groups   Name        Variance Std.Dev. Corr
 Subject  (Intercept) 4.55464  2.1342       
          I(age - 11) 0.05127  0.2264   0.50
 Residual             1.71627  1.3101       
Number of obs: 108, groups:  Subject, 27

but I can not retrieve this result anywhere (even in the summary of the object). I have the same problem with the package nlme.

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  • $\begingroup$ VarCorr(fm.lmer) $\endgroup$
    – Roland
    Nov 24 at 11:26

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