Note: I'm new to Machine Learning and NLP. This is my first project in this field.

I'm using NaturalNode/natural (https://github.com/NaturalNode/natural) to build a chat bot to help my users with common questions.

I've implemented a BayesClassifer (http://naturalnode.github.io/natural/bayesian_classifier.html) in which I have supplied a number of questions and answers to train it on.

Example of data I am training it on using the 'addDocument' call like the example shown on the page above:

  • I've lost my password
  • What is my password
  • what are my login details
  • I can't remember my password
  • how do I reset my password
  • how do I change my password
  • when will I get paid
  • Where can I find my earnings
  • Why havne't I been paid?
  • Can I get paid today?
  • How do I setup my domain?
  • What is my domain?
  • Can you give me a free domain?
  • why is my domain deleted?
  • I need to change my domain

I'm only want to return an answer if the confidence in the accuracy is high. However, when I run a classification, even if it's an exact match, the confidence values are really low (sub .4). I'm wondering if there are more steps I should take to improve the confidence like removing noise words from the training values or the question.

Are there further steps I can take to improve the matching confidence for this process?


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