I am running a logistic regression predictive model with death (sta) as the binary outcome variable, and age (continuous variable), and cancer status (variable can; categorical variable) as predictors.

I want to assess its calibration. I decided to try the "Pearson Residual" test (pls see my code below). I want to know is there any requirement for the PR test (e.g. sample size, type of predictors, etc)? I also used the Hosmer-Lemeshow (HL) test but it yielded different results (Pearson suggests good fit but the HL test does not).

Thank you so much for the help!

lr.fit <- glm(sta~age+can, data=icu, family=binomial)
p.res <- resid(lr.fit, type="pearson")
x.stat <- sum(p.res^2)
1-pchisq(x.stat, df=lr.fit$df.residual) 
## [1] 0.4364181

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