I would like to seek some clarifications on the dimensionalities of the components and weight parameters in a vanilla RNN model performing text classification for the next word. I will present my understanding which is unclear towards the end. Please point out any part that is wrong.

If each word is vectorised over a vocabulary of size $K$, then the input_size = number of features is $K$. I have a input $X$ of size (batch_size ($n_x$), seq_len ($n$), input_size($K$)). If the hidden layer has dimension $M$, then the input-to-hidden weight matrix $W_{hx}$ has size ($M, n_x$). The hidden-to-hidden weight matrix has size ($M, M$).

At step $t$, $x_t$ has size ($n_x, K$). \begin{align} a_t&= W_{hx}x_t + W_{hh}h_{t-1} + b_h \\ h_t &= \text{tanh}(a_t) \end{align} So both the activation $a_t$ and the hidden state $ h_t$ have size ($M, K$).

I find it not very clear from this point on. If the hidden-to-output weight matrix $W_{yh}$ has size ($K,M$), \begin{align} \hat{y}_t &= \text{softmax}(W_{yh}h_t) \end{align} the predicted output at step $t$, $\hat{y}_t$ by my intuition will have size ($K,1$), because each entry is supposed to represent the probability of the $k$-th word in the vocabulary appearing next. But here it seems to become ($K,K$).

Please help me with the dimensionalities. Thanks in advance.


Your input-to-hidden matrix $W_{hx}$ has shape $M \times K$. Your hidden matrix $W_{hh}$ has shape $M \times M$. Then $h_t, b_h, a_t$ all have shape $M$. The output matrix $W_{yh}$ has shape $K \times M$, so $W_{yh}h_t$ has shape $K$. Softmax doesn't change any shapes, so your output is $K$.

You seemed confused about whether to think about $x_t, h_t$, etc as a single input/state or an entire batch of them. It doesn't really matter, as long as you're consistent about it. Above, I wrote it out as if $x_t, h_t$, etc are a single input. In batch form, we would have $x_t$ is $B \times K$, and $h_t, a_t$ are $B \times M$. Then $\hat y_t$ is $B \times K$.

Of course in batch form, the notation for matrix multiplication is a bit more convoluted -- it doesn't make sense to write $W_{hx} x_t$ anymore, you have to write this as $x_t W_{hx}^T$ which now has the correct shape $B \times M$.

If you don't want to think about time index $t$ either, you could write it out as: $X$ is $B \times N \times K$, and $H, A$ are both $B \times N \times M$, and $\hat Y$ is $B \times N \times K$.

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