I am writing a thesis comparing some methods of time series classification, part of which is DTW combined with K-NN algorithm. I'd love to know (and write, backed by reliable references) something about the history of this algorithm, but I can't gather up information.

Searching through publications I wrote down first that (1) it was first introduced in 1975 and applied to speech recognition, then in 1994 someone proposed use in time series in general (unfortunately I don't remember where does this info come from, probably 1994 part is from here because this is 2004 paper and it says that A decade ago, DTW was introduced into Data Mining community as a utility for various tasks for time series problems including classification, clustering, and anomaly detection."). I think that somewhere I read also that (2) DTW is known since 1960's, but this paper about DTW states that (3) "In the year 1983, Joseph Kruskal and Mark Liberman introduced a new technique to compare two curves (calculate the distance between them)".

I can't make sense of information I have and don't know where to find more and make sure that everything is correct and consistent. I can't afford spending much time on research about history, because other thesis parts are far more important. What can I do? Does anyone know a good (and preferably just one) source of information about DTW history?


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You may find this useful http://languagelog.ldc.upenn.edu/myl/KruskalLiberman1983.pdf

The paper that introduced DTW to data mining/AI/ML was [a]

You will also find this very useful https://csdl.ics.hawaii.edu/techreports/2008/08-04/08-04.pdf


[a] Berndt, D. & Clifford, J. (1994) Using dynamic time warping to find patterns in time series. AAAI-94 Workshop on Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD-94), Seattle, Washington.


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