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Hi I am first year undergrad with math background, next year I will be starting a course in introductory mathematical statistics at the University of Toronto, and the textbook the university uses, Mathematical Statistics and Data Analysis by Rice, has received very poor ratings both from past students and online. So I was hoping if someone can give me a list of books that I can use instead? (And also hopefully cover the sequel to the course as well.)

Here's a copy of the syllabus (pdf).

Right now I have found two books that may help:

  1. Statistical Inference, by Casella
  2. Problems in Probability Theory Mathematical Statistics and Theory of Random Functions

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I personally recommend "Mathematical Statistics" by Terrell,

which, I think, is not well-known.


It's very concise(it might be too concise to understand it easily)

and covers almost everything, but not deeply.


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