I'm conducting a meta-analytic structural equation model (MASEM) using the two-stage approach in metaSEM in R. I have fit a model with two indirect effects, and would like to compare them to see if they differ in magnitude. Is it possible to constrain the indirect effects to equality so I can compare this model fit to the full model? Or is there some other way of testing differences between indirect effects?

Stage 2 R code here:

stage2total <- wls(Cov = cordat, aCov = Acov,
              n = sum(unique(SGMAdata.db$N)), Amatrix = A, Smatrix = S,
              diag.constraints = TRUE,
              intervals.type = "LB", 
              mx.algebras = list(
              depindirectEffect = mxAlgebra(b21*b42, 
              name="depindirectEffect"), indepindirectEffect = 
              mxAlgebra(b31*b43, name="indepindirectEffect"))

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Adding such a constraint is a bit tricky, but you should get an LBCI for the difference between the two indirect effects by adding this in the mx.algebra list:

difference = mxAlgebra(depindirectEffect-indepindirectEffect,name="difference")

  • $\begingroup$ That worked! Thank you so much for your help. $\endgroup$
    – Katerina
    Apr 6 at 17:28

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