1. It was mentioned that Volume 2 of Mathematical Statistics by Bickel and Doksum was scheduled to be published in 2003. I was wondering if I miss something, but why it is not yet available? Is there some change of plan?
  2. Volume 1 of Robust Asymptotic Statistics by Helmut Rieder was published in 90's. But it seems no volume 2 yet. Am I correct?


  • $\begingroup$ Did you try to email the authors and ask? $\endgroup$ Apr 25, 2013 at 7:57
  • $\begingroup$ Or the publishers. Or look on Amazon (they sometimes have details of things). Or ask a librarian (if you are at a university). $\endgroup$
    – Peter Flom
    Apr 25, 2013 at 9:47
  • $\begingroup$ @kjetilbhalvorsen: not yet. I don't think they will care to reply me. $\endgroup$
    – Tim
    Apr 25, 2013 at 13:43
  • $\begingroup$ @PeterFlom: Amazon doesn't have vol2's. $\endgroup$
    – Tim
    Apr 25, 2013 at 13:44
  • $\begingroup$ Well, the authors re the only one who will know! $\endgroup$ Apr 25, 2013 at 21:28

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Volume 2 of Bickel and Doksum has finally been published: http://www.amazon.com/Mathematical-Statistics-Selected-Chapman-Statistical/dp/1498722687/ref=pd_cp_14_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=0BM864NEEG9F092Z2VYT


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