I have dataset representing to specific region of the country. Its purchase data which is how much costumer is placing with associated dates of order, amount etc.

I want to do churn modeling for this dataset. However, I have an issue,

  • I have initial customer which goes back to Dec 2018.
  • Then we have another business acquired and this data starts from October 2021 which makes 70% of our customer base.
  • I can find churn window based on repeat transactions

Now I am confused, if I can use all data for churn modeling?

  • How am I going to justify given that those are customers joined way later than other initial base?
  • Is there any other way around so I can model for all dat instead only 30% of customers data?
  • Is there any rule base approach I can use here?

I would appreciate your advice and suggestions.

Thanks in advance



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