I am trying to understand wether I am allowed to do a linear regression or if I am not respecting some assumptions. It is my understanding that it is possible to confirm all assumptions by looking at the four plots R provides: enter image description here

So, the first one should tell check the linear relationship assumptions.

The second one seems to be confirming normality

I am not sure about the third one, because I read that in order to confirm homogeneity of variance there should be a straight line, with equally spreaded points, which is not really the case.

I have no idea about what the last one is telling me, but I think it means that points 15 and 7 are very influential in the model.

Long question: What are plots 3 and 4 saying? Is there abnything I can do in order to respect assumptions better and proceed with the analysis of my regression?

Short question: Is the regression ok?



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