I have three groups of people: Group 1, Group 2, Group3. Each group has about 20 people. And I collected data on the proportion of certain features for each person.

Group Person ID feature 1 feature 2 .... feature 20 total of features
A A1 20% 5% 25% 3% 100%
A A2 30% 10% 2% 0% 100%
B B1 34% 0% 45% 25% 100%


So each person is having a different profile of features - but I want to compare whether the feature profile differs on the group level, and if differs, where is the source of the difference. The statistical methods I could think of are:

  • Chi-squared-test on group level (averaging the percentage over people in each group), but then I lose individual data.
  • Generalised mixed effects model glm(Group ~ feature 2 + feature 3 .... + feature 19 + (1|Person ID)), but it does not seem to answer the research question.

Any suggestion?



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