I wish to forecast electricity power demand at a mall. Data is collected daily, but, the data has multiple seasonality :

  1. data/power consumption is generally similar from monday to thursday but see a change on friday, saturday, sunday (weekly seasonality) ?

  2. power consumption vary with month. Summer months the power consumption is higher due to cooling required ?

  3. Year on year there is increase in power consumption with deployment of more equipments. (Yearly seasonality) ?

Series contain only date and power consumption (daily data). What seasonality should I use ?

Option 1:

powerts <- ts(data,start=2016,frequency=7) 
modArima <- auto.arima(powerts)

Option 2:

powerts <- ts(data,start=2016,frequency=365) 
modArima <- auto.arima(powerts)

But both seems lagging as they fail to cover all the three points above



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