I am trying to compute the gradient with respect to a vector $\mathrm x \in \mathbb{R}^d$ of a complicated expression involving the trace of matrix product.

The expression is the following: $$ F(\mathrm x) = \text{Tr}\left[ C \nabla (C^{-1} \mathrm f(\mathrm x)) \right],$$ where $C$ is a $d \times d$ matrix, and $\mathrm f(\mathrm x): \mathbb{R}^d \rightarrow \mathbb{R}^d$ a vector valued function.

What I have until now is $$ \nabla F(\mathrm x) = \nabla \text{Tr}\left[ C (C^{-1} J_f(\mathrm x)) \right],$$

where with $J_f(\mathrm x)$ I denote the Jacobian of $\mathrm f$. However I do not know how to proceed and take the gradient of the trace. Would it be like this? $$\nabla \text{Tr}\left[ C (C^{-1} J_f(\mathrm x)) \right] = \text{Tr}\left[\nabla\left( C (C^{-1} J_f(\mathrm x)) \right)\right]$$


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Unfortunately, your second equation is incorrect.

In index notation, the function $F$ is $$\eqalign{ \def\n{\nabla} \def\p{\partial} \def\T{\operatorname{Tr}} F &= C_{ij}\;\p_j(C_{ik}^{-1} f_k) \\ &= C_{ij} C_{ik}^{-1}\;(\p_j f_k) \\ &= C_{ij} C_{ik}^{-1}\:J_{jk} \\ &= C_{ki}^{-T}C_{ij}\:J_{jk} \\ }$$ which can be expressed in terms of the trace in various ways $$\eqalign{ F &= \T(C^{-T}C\:J) \\ &= \T(J^TC^TC^{-1}) \\ }$$ But the gradient $\n F$ is $$\eqalign{ \p_\ell F &= C_{ij} C_{ik}^{-1}\;(\partial_\ell J_{jk}) }$$ which doesn't have a simple trace expression.

The biggest obstacle is that the gradient is a vector while the trace is a scalar.

$\sf NB\!:\:$ If $\,C=C^T$ then you can proceed as indicated in gunes answer


$CC^{-1}$ cancels each other in your second equation, you'll be left with $$\nabla \text{Tr}[J_f(x)]=\nabla\left(\sum_{i=1}^d \frac{\partial f_i(x)}{\partial x_i}\right)=\sum_{i=1}^d \frac{\partial}{\partial x_i}\nabla f_i(x)$$

Or $\nabla(\nabla\cdot f)$ in vector calculus.


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