I did a MANOVA in R from 10 PCA dimensions I extracted from the result of that analysis with this code: manova_ <- manova(cbind(Dim.1, Dim.2, Dim.3, Dim.4, Dim.5, Dim.6, Dim.7, Dim.8, Dim.9, Dim.10) ~ species, data = data_)

The shapiro.test(resid()) gave me a negative result, so I'll have to do a PERMANOVA analysis, with adonis2 (My professor's recommendation). I dont actually understand how the formula works in that situation, which I use a variable that contains species, (so it's an unequal and repetitive number of different species). I tried to do the code, but it said that input data must be numeric (I only used one dimension for now, but intend to use 10 if it works):

adonis2(formula = species ~ Dim.1, data = data_, permutations = 999, method = "bray", sqrt.dist = FALSE, add = FALSE, by = "terms", strata = NULL, parallel = get0ption("mc.cores"), na.action = na.fail)

I'm still a begginer at R, so if you have any recommendation that'll be very nice.

Thank you!



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