Yesterday, I asked how to conduct a Bayesian logistic regression in another post. I have been advised to use the brms R package.

I have conducted this analysis, but being a beginner in statistics and coding, I need to know if my analysis is right.

I have a data set with one binary outcome ("Object"). Participants had to choose between two objects. I want to check if this choice was not influenced by a continuous predictor ("PHQ").

First, I have fitted a bayesian logistic regression model with Non-Informative Priors following tutorial of Fang & Van de Shoot (https://www.rensvandeschoot.com/tutorials/generalised-linear-models-with-brms/).

enter image description here

Could you help me to interpret these outputs?

  • I see that the credibility interval contains the 0. Does could be in favour of an absence of effect of the predictor on the outcome?
  • How to interpret estimate in a report?

Second I have repeat the procedure to fit e null model without predictor. enter image description here

I have used the LOO function to compare the two models. enter image description here How can I interpret that? How is it informative for my hypothesis that PHQ (predictor) does not predict the binary outcome (Object)?




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