I ran a goal setting program at my university. Students had four goals each. For each goal they could choose either basic or advanced level. They rated themselves between 1-5 each week. I want to compare self-rating levels for basic and advanced goals to see if there's a link between the level of goal selected, and the level of self-rating.

In total, students performed 1197 advanced self-ratings over 12 weeks. When I add up all these self-ratings the total score is 4618, with an average score 3.857978279 and the standard deviation was 1.420659883.

In comparison, the students performed 1439 basic self-ratings, with a total score of 4549, and an average score 3.161223072, standard deviation was 1.607204839.

There seems like quite a big difference between the average scores for each goal category of M = 3.16 and M = 3.86. It looks like students who select advance goals rate themselves higher.

I'd like to present this finding, but I'm not sure what test to use (and how to clean the data). I'm trying to use JASP...




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