I was wondering if there were some good references on communicating the results of data/statistical analysis to stakeholders or laypeople.

I'm not looking necessarily for references related to data visualization, even if it may be useful.

In fact, I'd be particularly interested by something relative to the use of language when presenting statistical results, in particular regarding the balance between expressing correctly an interesting statement, while making it accessible to laypeople.


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I picked up lots of useful tips from The Art of Statistics by David Spiegelhalter. I think he does an exceptional job of communicating some very abstract concepts without flattening the nuance in the process

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    $\begingroup$ Thanks! Following the link you give, I stumbled upon another website David Spiegelhalter contributed to (understandinguncertainty.org, now archived), and it looks like it offers some interesting content relative to my initial question (e.g. understandinguncertainty.org/…) $\endgroup$
    – J-J-J
    Commented May 18, 2023 at 7:07

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