Let $X_{n}$ be an $\mathcal F_{n}$-martingale and let $B\in \mathcal B$.
Show that $T=\min\{n:X_{n}\in B\}$ is an $\mathcal F_{n}$-stopping time.
$\mathcal B$ is Borel $\sigma$-algebra and filtration is $\mathcal F=\sigma(X_{1},\dots,X_{n})$. Thanks for help.

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Note that for $\def\N{\mathbb N}n \in \N$ we have $$\{T\le n\} = \bigcup_{i=1}^n \{X_i \in B\} = \bigcup_{i=1}^n X_i^{-1}(B) $$ As $X_i$ is $\mathcal F$-measurable for $i \le n$ by definition, we have $X_i^{-1}(B)\in \mathcal F_n$ for $i \le n$ and hence $\{T \le n\}\in \mathcal F_n$. That is, $T$ is an $(\mathcal F_n)$-stopping time.


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